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Week Two

Above: All the pups do the cutest yawns, we just happened to catch Girl #3's on camera and had to share!

Below: Ruby Mae about to jump out of her gated off (child proof!) whelping area to come check out the pups we're photographing. She's a bit of an escape artist!

Well, the pups are two weeks old already. The three boys and Girl #2 have tripled their birth weight, which is fantastic. Girls #1 and #3 are close to it and our smallest, Girl #4, is still gaining weight on her own, but also getting a bit of an extra hand with supplement bottle feeds. That just means I get to have extra cuddles with the little miss, who has taken to bottle feeding like a pro. We are still weighing them every morning and occasionally in the evenings, plotting their weight on their growth chart. At two weeks they’re still so tiny and fragile, that it’s important we be as attentive as possible and keep a close eye on them.

Two weeks meant it was time for their first worming, which none of them seemed too bothered by. This morning we noticed that their eyes are starting to open as well. Just ever so slightly, but if we look closely, those little eyelids are definitely opening! And when the eyes start the open, the ears start to “open” as well, as all pups are born both blind and deaf.

Ruby Mae is getting back to her old self. Sometimes she will jump out of her gated off whelping area to come say hello. I’m sure she’s part cat! As her mum, it’s lovely for me to see her bouncing back to normal so quickly after the birth and toll of whelping 7 pups. She is still very vigilant in her mummy role, licking the pups to make sure they toilet and cleaning up their mess. But her energy levels are getting back to normal and every now and then she’ll sneak off out her doggy door to go run a few laps around the yard!

Girl #4

Girl #3

Girl #2

Girl #1

Boy #3

Boy #2

Boy #1

Momma coming to say hello to little Miss #1 (who then decided she wanted her momma, not me and proceeded to do a big poop on my top!)

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