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Red Cavoodles: $3,500 (GST Incl.)


Black and Merle Cavoodles: $3,000 (GST Incl.)


Puppies are bred from DNA tested parents, raised with ENS, ESI & Puppy Culture Program.  They go to their new homes vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed fortnightly, weaned onto a quality dry food and introduced to toilet & crate training.  

We predominately breed red F1 and F1b Cavoodles but occasionally will have black puppies available.  


Please note, there are NO wait list. 

Puppies are sold as pet only, not for breeding, as stated in our Puppy Sale Contract and buyer agrees to have puppy desexed by the age of 6 months, as per South Australian law. 


Puppy Pack Includes:

* First C3 Vaccination

* Microchip + Change Ownership Form (if required)

* Up to date worming

* Puppy Collar 

* Soft Blanket

* Cuddle Toy

* 2kg bag of Advanced Puppy Kibble

* Puppy Treats

* Electronic Information Pack on Crate & Toilet Training + New Owner Info 

 * Fit to Fly Certificate (if applicable) 


Important Information

Securing a Puppy : Our Process 

Our puppies are advertised when they are seven weeks old. We do not hold a wait list or notify people when there are puppies available. Please complete the online application, which will be made available at the time advertised.  Each available puppy will have a photo with the expected adult weight and some information about its temperament.  We do our best to match puppies and families based on personality and lifestyle.  Please note, we often receive a very high number of applications, so can not guarantee a puppy for everyone who applies. We do not take holding deposits. On collection day, if for some reason you change your mind about purchasing your puppy you are under no obligation to buy. 


We keep our website and Instagram account regularly updated when we are expecting a litter. 

Viewings and collection are held from eight weeks old onward.  We do not hold open days or offer visits before collection day.

If paying for your puppy by EFT, funds must be in our account before the puppy leaves. 

Our puppies are bred for the purpose of companionship and are sold for pet homes 


Your Puppy
When it is time to take your puppy home, they will be 8 - 12 weeks of age and will come:


Your puppy will receive its first C3 vaccination at 7 weeks of age. The next C5 vaccination will be required at 12 weeks of age and a final C3 vaccination is required at 14 weeks.  It is important that you do not take your puppy to public places until they are fully vaccinated. This includes dog parks, beaches, etc. Your puppy is at risk of contracting diseases and will not be fully protected until the last C3 is administered. 


Your puppys microchip will be registered with the Australasian Animal Registry database, which identifies your puppy on a national microchip database. You will be required to complete a Transfer of Ownership Form, provided in your puppy pack.  


Your puppy comes with a full, comprehensive vet checked. Our vet gives each puppy an Examination Report checking body structure, bones, ears, eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, patellas, lymp nodes, hernias, muscous membranes, movement and urogential system.


Your puppy comes from parents who have had comprehensive DNA profile testing done through Orivet Genetic Pet Care.  We carefully select our breeding pairs, to ensure the puppies we breed will not be affected by the breed specific diseases related to both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Toy and Mini Poodle.


Your puppy has been wormed with Drontal Puppy Suspension at 2 and 4 weeks and Cazitel Allwormer at 6 and 8 weeks of age. Worming your puppy is essential to the wellbeing of your dog and can result in a longer life expectancy. A continued worming regime once a month until 12 months of age, is recommend. When your dog is 12 months of age worming is required once every three months.


Your puppy has been raised inside our home, along side our family.  He is familiar and confident sleeping in his crate and will happily use the doggy door to toilet outside.  Majority of poos and wees will be done on our lawn, although there may be a few accidents on the pavers! 


Your puppy has been given the best care possible during its stay with our family.  We follow ENS and the Puppy Culture program to ensure every pup that leaves our home has had the very best start in life.  Please read our About Us: Breeding Program page for more details.  

Interstate & International Buyers


Interstate and international enquires are welcome.  Transport must be arranged through a reliable company such as Jet Pets.  There are Adelaide Cavoodle puppies throughout Australia, and throughout Singapore, the Netherlands, Kenya & Hawaii and mainland United States.  

International puppies are held until they are at least 12 weeks old.  Travel must be arranged by new owner.  Extra fees are charged for boarding, extra vet work, worm & flea medication and food.  Fees also cover continued toilet training & crate training. You can find further information on our FAQ page.  Please contact us for further details.  




Your puppy has been introduced to crate training while living with us .  We place a crate inside a penned area, in our home, next to the doggie door.  There is also a large penned area outside the doggie door that is half under our pergola and half on our lawn.  Puppies will use the doggie door to go toilet on the lawn, although sometimes they may have an accident on the pavers! Be patient with him and remember he is still a baby.  At 8 weeks their crate door is left open during the night, so puppies can use it to toilet outside.  They will have short periods of time with the crate door closed, sometimes during a meal or if they're given an occupier treat (such as a cow hoof!)  More information on continued crate training will be provided to you, prior to taking your new pup home.  If you choose to continue this training or not, your puppy should have a safe, enclosed area where he can sleep. The laundry makes a good sleeping spot for when you first bring him home. He is likely to be a little upset over the first few nights and may possibly cry a little during the night.  The provided soft toy and blanket in your puppy pack has been with the litter and carries a familiar scent, which will help settle him and make him feel more secure.  If you have another dog, you can try sleeping your puppy with him/her as this will help the separation anxiety.  




Our puppies are fed a diet consisting of  Advance Puppy Plus Growth, which will be provided in your puppy pack and you are advised to keep your puppy on a this kibble for at least the first 6-8 weeks.  If you choose to change the kibble brand to a diet that suits your preference, we recommend you do this slowly, as to not cause tummy upset. Please remember to keep pup on a puppy kibble for the fist 12-18 months of its life, as it is higher in protein and calcium than an adult kibble.  Your puppy should always have access to clean, fresh water. 

Puppies are currently being fed between 1/4 - 1/2 cup of kibble 2-3 times a day.  Adjust as necessary.  Take any unfinished kibble away by 5-6pm, to help continue toilet training.  

Please be aware that any change of environment can lead to stress and an upset tummy for a new puppy. Treats can also cause upset tummy, so we recommend you keep them to a minimum and use only for training.  Tiny bits of cooked chicken breast is our recommended training treat.  Dehydrated treats, with minimum additives, can also be used.  




Before you bringing your new furry friend home make sure your house and yard are puppy proof!  Section off any areas inside your home where you do not want your puppy to be.  Puppy pens and gates can be bought online or hardware stores. You should remove items that you do not want your puppy to chew, as well as any potential hazards to your puppy (such as electrical cords!) We've included a list of toxic foods in your puppy pack. 


Your yard will need to have a secure area that your puppy can not escape from. Keep in mind small puppies are at risk of drowning, so pools are a potential hazard. Any fences that a puppy can squeeze through, will need to be improved to keep him safe.  Puppies chew everything, so check your gardens for toxic plants and fence off any areas where you don't want your puppy to go! There is a list of toxic plants and trees included in your puppy pack. 




Puppy Preschool is wonderful for new pups and their owners. Puppies are able to continue their socialisation with new people, as well as getting to meet and interact with all different breed and size dogs! It's important for puppies between 8-16 weeks to mix with as many different people as possible, always trying to make each interaction a positive and happy one.  Puppy Preschool gives new owners access to experienced trainers, who can help with all aspects of basic training, solutions to common problems and general advice. 

During the Covid-19 situation you may not be able to attend a Puppy Preschool.  There are many videos on Youtube with professional experienced  trainers, who have great tips and advice for new puppy owners! 

Bringing a new puppy home is a very exciting and fun time for families but there are a number of things to consider before committing to adding a new addition to your home.

We recommend all potential new owners do their homework and research what is involved with owning a dog.  Puppies are cute and playful, but they are also a lot of work! Please be prepared to put the effort and time into training your new puppy and helping it settle in its new home.


Cavoodles can live 12+ years.  Buying a puppy is a huge commitment.  Make sure the time is right for you and your family, before considering a puppy!


Will owning a dog fit into your lifestyle? Do you have time to train a new puppy, to take it for walks and have somewhere safe to leave it while you're away on holidays?  Do you own or rent? Is your house pet friendly & yard secure?


A new puppy will require time to help it adjust to it's new environment.  You need to be prepared to give it time to help it settle, as well as training it the proper manners it will need as an adult.  Are you prepared to sacrifice your time?


Owning a pet is an ongoing cost.  Dogs require food, worming meds, flea & tick prevention.  It will need yearly heath check & vaccinations.  Additional surgeries or procedures can be very expensive!

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