We always appreciate hearing from our wonderful puppy owners and have shared a few of the happy emails, comments and texts we have received below.

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Dear Abigail,


From the very first night, once we put him to bed in the laundry at around 9:00 pm we don't hear from him until we  let him out at 6:30 am. Family friends cant believe it and we are certainly grateful to you as we get to sleep at night. The daily routine is that he plays for an hour and then sleep for an hour or two. In recent days his day naps are getting shorter.

There has been no accidents inside  and the potty tray works well. We training him to sit at the door when he want to go out and its starting to work.   - Carmine (SA)


Thank you so much for bringing us our first family dog, Andorra.  We are so enamoured with her.  It's obvious that you raised her well and we couldn't be more thankful.  She's the sweetest girl and we feel lucky that you gave us the opportunity. Best wishes. 

-Vanessa (Singapore) 



Frank is home safe & sound & with his new humans. He's already pee'd in "his spot", had a play & then found his own way back to his crate for a rest. Chiara & I would like to thank you, Ben & your children for loving him & taking such wonderful care of our boy. We are so in love ❤️ & promise to keep you updated on his progress. Thank you again; we are so grateful that we found Adelaide Cavoodles...our family is complete. x

- Maree (SA)


Hi Abigail

Just a quick update to let you know Teddy has settled in so well, he has taken really well to his crate and sleeps well all night with no toilet accidents overnight. He is so placid and relaxed just like us, he has been on a road trip to Blanchtown in his carrier without issue which is impressive as it’s a 2 hour drive, he did not fret and pretty much slept all the way there and back. We love him to bits and we can’t thank you enough as a breeder for preparing him to transition into a new home

-Michelle (SA)


He is mostly sleeping independently, maybe a little cry out at some point but quickly talked back to sleep.  Takes himself to bed if he needs a nap.  The most amazing thing is though he has now figured out the pet loo and he is so proud (so are we)!! He has made our lives complete and it is a joy to have him with us.  I don't think we have stopped smiling.  Thank again  Abigail, he is the most well rounded, adventurous, genius puppy.

- Nyssa (QLD)


Hi Abigail, We all want to say a massive thank you for Doug. He is amazing, I’m waiting for him to get into being a naughty puppy but it hasn’t happened. Best puppy at puppy school. He roams the house now and doesn’t get into mischief. I don’t have chewed anything.. yet! He Guards hubby on our bed in the day while he sleeps on night shift. He really is the perfect dog. We just love him so much, Doug may think maybe too much sometimes. 

-Sara (SA)


I just wanted to touch base to say to you thank you so much for our beautiful Suki bear.  She is literally the perfect dog!! We are in love! She is so mellow, sweet and smart!!! She hasn't had an accident & sleeps through the night.  We are so so so happy! Thank you so much! ​

-Alana (Hawaii, US)


Dexter is doing so well.  He's such a cheeky but sweet little guy.  He has been doing obedience training and is doing really well there.  He loves going for walks and making new puppy friends while we are out and about.  He's great with other dogs, people & children.  I can't tell you how over and ask to pat him (he loves all the attention he gets!) 

-Erin (SA)


Daisy settled in very well when she arrived home 2 weeks ago. She is such a beautiful puppy and has already learnt to sit after a few days and almost has toilet time down pat. Thanks so much!


- Daniel (SA)


Home safe and sound !
After traveling and all day playing so exhausted . Thank you Abigail and family. Summer is so happy and we are too!

-Cecily (Hawaii, US)


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.  We want to thank you so much for allowing Tully to become part of our family.  You have given him such a great start and we really appreciate all the gorgeous photos, videos, updates and tips you have provided.  We would highly recommend our positive experience with Adelaide Cavoodles.

- The Lawrance Family  (SA)



Hi Abigail,


Just thought I would send you some photos of Lexi.  She has settled in great, still going with the toilet training but she is doing good!  She is beautiful!!

-Amy (SA)


Hi Abigail, 

Whisky has settled in really well – he is such a dear little puppy! He hasn’t made a peep during the two nights he’s been here and he gets very excited when he sees us in the mornings!


Thanks for all the “training” you put into them in their first 8 weeks and the bag of “extras” that had so much information in it.  We’re very happy with our new puppy!

-Madeleine (SA)


Hi Abigail Ben & Children,
Maple has settled in very well.So far she has used wet mat  on command.Prior to going to toilet,  Maple had a little whimper. So I took her in laundry she used the wet mat. Em can home we took out the tennis ball. Maple picked it up and took it to her and then to me on command. 
Abigail & Ben once again Thank You 🙏 I love,love ,love, little Maple❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

-Jo (SA)


Impressed with the professionalism and inspired by the genuine affection you show towards your pups!  Kea has been doing great. No mistakes with the potty and he’s been such a joy to have around!

- Gary (Hawaii, US)


We can’t believe that Archie has settled in so well. He has slept through both nights in his crate without a whimper. He is such a beautiful boy and very loved by the family already.Thanks so much for giving Archie such a great start in life.

-Gwynneth (SA)


Tucker had his 16 week vaccinations yesterday! We’ve graduated puppy pre-school with sitting and dropping under our belts. 

He is such a funny little guy full of personality.  There is no limit to the funny and quirky things Tucker gets up to and we love that. He’s keeping us on our very tippy toes that’s for sure. 

We honestly cannot thank you enough for him. I am so grateful that he’s come into our lives. He’s been a ray of sunshine through a really tough few months for us ☀️☀️

-Emily (SA)


Baba has settled in really well - went instantly to sleep in the crate til 5 when I got up this morning


-Julie (SA)


We cannot thank you enough for the care and attention you have given to this whole process.  You have honestly been a joy!


- Karen (Hawaii, US)


Hi Abigail Just wanted to let you know that Louie is settling in so well . We love him and don’t know what we did before we got him. He is sleeping well and is very entertaining to watch.


-Alison (SA)


Hi there.  Just letting you know that Bailey has absolutely stolen our hearts!! She is just gorgeous! We could not be more thrilled!!!! Thank you so much ... you've changed our lives x


-Steph (SA) 


I thought I'd send a few pics of Lola to show you how much she has grown now and some of the things she has been up to. I also wanted to let you know that she has fit so well into our family and we can honestly say we have never met a dog with so much personality. She absolutely loves humans so much and just constantly wants to be with us. When we have been out and about she constantly attracts attention because she is so cute. She has been to Puppy school and also Level 1 training too, which she graduated with flying colours! Again we want to thank you for such a wonderful puppy.

-Marissa (SA) 


Hi, Benson here. I am all good. I am eating, playing and sleeping good. Dad says I am perfect, whatever that means. He says he loves me to bits and I get lots of cuddles and kisses. I like that. I do all my business outside now. Even learnt when dad says 'wee on the grass'...I wee and he is happy. I love my house and garden. I explore more each day and can run.


-Benson & Chris (SA)


We were very lucky to get our beautiful Cavoodle pup 'Rusty' from Adelaide Cavoodles just prior to Christmas. Rusty has transitioned into our family beautifully, sleeping through the night since arrival, being easy to toilet train and showering us all with love and affection. We believe this is all due to the way Rusty was bred and raised in the loving family environment that is Adelaide Cavoodles. We highly recommend this professional and loving breeder.


- Sally (SA)


Frankie is settling in really well, she and (my son) are becoming really good friends. I have been trying to take a nice photo of her to send to you but she doesn’t stop moving and is just so playful. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.


-Mary (SA)


Hi Abigail, thought I’d give you an update on Mr Rigby. He is settling in very well. He is full of personality, very energetic and determined to explore everything! He is sleeping all night in his crate in the laundry and seems happy to do so.  Overall he’s a gorgeous little thing and we can’t imagine life without him already!

Jo (SA)


Hugo had a good night and only cried once and went straight off to sleep. He woke up at the time my alarm usually goes off which was funny! He is a little darling and the 2 dogs are finding their way with each other.

-Jodie (SA)


Just letting you know that Chestnut is going excellently so far! Hardly any crying, lots of playing, some sleeping and he did a wee and poo on the puppy pad! He seems to be having a lovely time. Thank you for providing us with such a lovely little pup.


-Alison (SA)


We have had our puppy, Jigs for a week now. He is such a healthy, active happy little boy. 
Thank you Abigail & Ben for training him so well to sleep in his crate, he has slept all night every night without a squeak, no mess in the laundry either! He was raised in a lovely family environment and had lots of cuddles from the family and is so well adjusted. We were kept informed on the puppies progress with weekly emails which was fantastic. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Adelaide Cavoodles. 

- Marilyn (SA)


Thank you Ben and Abigail for the awesome job with our little Bettsy, she's sleeping well and always so friendly and playful with everyone just adoring her especially the kids. 

-Leon (SA)


Just letting you know Evie is settling in really well at her new home. She’s getting spoilt with lots of cuddles and attention and has started to become very familiar with her surroundings. Once again, thanks so much for taking care of Evie and getting her ready for us.


-Julie (SA)


Willow all snuggled up with her Mummas blankie. She travelled beautifully in the car for 8 hours. 4 stops and she slept most of the way. Thanks again Abigail for bringing us our new baby girl

-Kristen (VIC)


We are so happy and can't imagine life without him now. Thank you so much!!

-Jessica (VIC)


Hi Abigail just wanted to share an update on our Charlie Bear he is an amazing little boy so full of love he is sweet natured and loves cuddles which we love to give him! We are so blessed to have him in our family


-Kate (NSW)


We are so thankful to Adelaide Cavoodles. 
Not being able to physically choose our puppy, Adelaide Cavoodles made sure we were able to choose from lots of photos and videos. They have been very informative and helpful through the whole process. Always very quick to answer emails. Moose flew to us with Dogtainers from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. He is just adorable, it is very clear that he came from a loving home. Would definitely recommended Adelaide Cavoodles. Thank you for making our first puppy experience a very happy one.

- Helen 

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