We had a small litter of three little F1 Cavoodles born late September.  These puppies will be offered to some of our previous applicants who have applied multiple times over the last two years and will not be advertised to our website.  We are not planning any Cavoodle litters until early in 2022.  We will keep our website updated once our next Cavoodle pregnancy has been confirmed. 



We have a F1b Bordoodle litter due in October and all being well, these puppies will be ready for their new homes around Christmas. There is no waitlist for our Bordoodles and these puppies will be advertised as per our normal process. Our upcoming F1b Bordoodle litter is from a toy poodle sire, so we are very excited to see what these babies will look like! You can find out more about our Bordoodles here.  Bordoodles make excellent pets, especially for families looking for a larger non-shedding dog that is highly intelligent and trainable.  The puppies will be raised with ESI and ENS exercises to give these dogs the absolute best start in life.  You can read more about our breeding program here.  


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Want to find out a bit more about us and how we raise our puppies?  Have a look through out ABOUT page. 



We always appreciate updates   from our puppy families.  You can read some of our favourite text, emails and cards here!




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Thinking of purchasing a new puppy? 

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting but they are a lot of work! Before committing to buying a dog, make sure you do plenty of research and are well prepared.  The more effort you put into your puppy, the more adjusted he will be as an adult. 

Puppies require time, training and lots of love.  Have a look at our new owner information page to see if bringing a puppy home will be a good fit for you and your family. 

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    Why Adelaide Cavoodles?

> Exceptional puppies, for exceptional families

> Raised with the Early Puppy Enrichment program, Puppy Culture, ESI & ENS   


> DNA tested parents for genetic health issues 


> Introduced to toilet training 


> Introduced to crate training 


> Raised with young children, so they're perfect for families!