We are excitedly waiting for the arrival of our next litter of Cavoodle puppies to be born (they're due any day now!) We have F1 (first generation) Cavoodle puppies expected to be born in both reds and apricots with the possibility of some blacks or sables as well. 


We are also expecting a litter of red and apricot F1b Cavoodles (Cavoodle x Poodle) puppies to be born.  I did try to source a chocolate sire for my F1b litter but unfortunately couldn't get access to one in time.  A chocolate/brown coat is very rare and carried in the B-Locus of a dogs coat.  However, in order for the chocolate to be expressed, it needs to come through the E-Locus.  I'd need to breed an EE or and Ee to my apricot (ee) dam in order to produce any chocolate puppies.  Even though both the stud and dam carry copies of the chocolate B-Locus gene, it is unable to express itself in the coat as they're both apricot and red.  Red and apricot dogs always have a genetic coat trait of ee but never Ee or EE.  However, if both parents carry a copy of the B-Locus and are apricot/red (ee) they may produce red and apricot puppies with liver points (eyelids & nose) and lighter eyes.  One of my favourite hobbies is studying the genetic side of breeding!  It is a fascinating subject and I'm sure I still have plenty to learn.  In any case, I'm very excited to see what this breeding pair will produce!  And in the meantime, I'm still working on sourcing a genetically DNA clear chocolate poodle stud, so in the future there is the possibility of producing some chocolate Cavoodle babies! 


Puppies born mid - end of June will be ready for new homes in August.


We were very excited to welcome a new Toy Poodle puppy into our family this month! Lucien Ranger is a sweet and cuddly tiny apricot Toy Poodle who weighed just over 1kg at 10 weeks old!  We estimate he'll reach an adult weight of between 3.5-4kgs.  He is DNA clear, but we will be following up with more DNA testing to cover coat traits, such as colours, improper coat and furnishings.  All being well with his health checks and sperm quality, Lucien will be a future stud in our breeding program.  You can see some photos of this adorable little guy here.

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Bringing a new puppy home is exciting but they are a lot of work! Before committing to buying a dog, make sure you do plenty of research and are well prepared.  The more effort you put into your puppy, the more adjusted he will be as an adult. 

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Why Adelaide Cavoodles?

> Exceptional puppies, for exceptional families


> Raised in our home, not in a kennel 

> Raised with an the Early Puppy Enrichment program, Puppy Culture  


> DNA tested parents for genetic health issues 


> Introduced to toilet training 


> Introduced to crate training 


> Raised with young children, so they're perfect for families!