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Spoodles, are the hybrid cross between an English Springer Spaniel or an American or English Cocker Spaniel and Poodle (either standard, mini or toy).  When crossed with the English Springer Spaniel, they can also be referred to as Springerdoodles or Sproodles.  Spoodles are enthusiastic, intelligent and affectionate dogs, making them fantastic for families looking for a medium sized, low shedding dog.  

Spoodles grow between 10-15kgs, with non shedding coats.  They are renowned for being good with children of all ages.  Our Spoodles are people oriented and will need plenty of social interaction.  They are very easy to train, but also have higher energy levels than a Cavoodle.  Spoodles have the ability to do further agility training and can be used as service dogs.  They require daily exercise and love to join their owners for a daily walk or jog.  They also love water and swimming at the beach.  Spoodles usually require regular grooming every 6-8 weeks and can either be clipped short, or kept in a long teddy bear coat.      

We raise our puppies in a family friendly environment with the Puppy Culture program.  Spoodle puppies are held in different positions daily from day 3-16, with the ears and paws being specifically touched to help desensitise them and stimulate brain function.  Classical music is played in their puppy room during the day, once their ears have 'opened' and they are able to hear.  Our puppies are introduced to enrichment items, puzzles and problem solving situations at appropriate ages, to help produce a well rounded adult, who is confident and open to new people and places.  We believe using the Puppy Culture program gives your newest family member the best start in life!

No more Spoodle Litters planned for 2021. 


35-55cm high (depending on the size of the parents)


10-20kg (depending on the size of the parents)

Life Expectancy:

Between 10-15 years 

Best Suited for:

Families with children, singles and seniors, houses with a yard 


Loving, intelligent, energetic, friendly, playful, loyal 



Spoodles can inherit a fleece or smooth/flat coat, depending on its genetics. 


A fleece coat inherited from the poodle, will be non shedding and need regular brushing to prevent matting.  Sproodles with a fleece coat will need to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks.  

Spoodles who inherit a smooth/flat coat from the Spaniel, will need much less grooming and brushing, but will shed.  


Spoodles need a moderate amount of excise and benefit from a daily walk or structured outdoor playtime.  An off leash dog park will give him the space to run and keep in shape.  Due to their high sociability they enjoy being part of family activities, such as swimming at the beach.  When your dog is inside, keep him busy and mentally stimulated with a range of different toys.  They do well with other dogs and animals.


Spoodles come in a wide range of colours, both solid and marked.  We produce both chocolate and black abstracts. 


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