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There are NO Guardian Home Puppies available at this time 


A guardian program is designed to benefit everyone involved, the family, the puppy and us, the breeder.  A  puppy placed in a guardian home allows us to successfully continue our breeding program. A guardian dog, allows families the opportunity for a high quality puppy, without the purchase price.  A bond of $1000 is required, which is then returned to you once the dog has been retired from our program.   Our Oodles are extremely caring and social animals, who love to be part of a family and join in on daily routines.  Living with a family, instead of a kennel, allows them to thrive and have a wonderful, happy and full life.  

Guardian dogs are carefully selected and only those with qualities we would like to see continued are chosen for our program.  Our guardian homes receive the best we have to offer when we place a potential future breeding dog with them. Not only are they receiving what we consider the best of the litter, in both temperament and looks, but we also complete full DNA test before they turn one.  


Guardian dogs are never required to have any more than two to three litters and are retired before the age of five, at which point she becomes yours completely.  We are responsible for all the cost involved with breeding, including vet trips and the pregnancy X-rays.   Her guardian is responsible for her daily expenses including vaccinations, food, worming, grooming and training.  The guardian dog lives with its guardian family full time and is only returned to us for breeding purposes. She will be required to stay with us for about a week, when she is ready to be mated.  Afterwards, she is returned to her family for the duration of her pregnancy.  Our guardian females will then be required to be come back to us a few days before her due date, where she will stay until her puppies are around five weeks old and successfully weaned.  You of course are welcome to come visit her and meet her puppies when they are a few weeks old.   We will also send you regular videos and photos of your female while she is with us.  She will be given the best of care while staying in our home and treated as part of our family.  

Our guardian puppies leave for their new homes between 8-12 weeks. To be considered for our guardian program you must meet certain requirements. 

  • You must be a home owner, not a renter and have a secure yard that is fully fenced 

  • Live within two hours of our home and be happy to transport the puppy/dog to us when needed.  We live about 40 mins north of the Adelaide City Centre. 

  • Happy to live with a dog that is not desexed.  Females come on heat every 6-9 months and their cycle last for 3 weeks.  During this time she must be kept secure, to avoid unwanted pregnancies 

  • Vaccinations, worming and flea treatment as per our protocol 

  • Have completed some level of obedience training and be well socialised 

  • You will be required to keep us informed on her temperament, as well photos every few months (they do not need to be high quality, camera photos are fine!) We need to see how how our females are maturing between visits and of course, we love to watch our puppies grow!

A bond of $1000 is required for a guardian dog. When retired, this fee will be fully returned to you, once the dog has been desexed at our expense.  

The above requirements are simple and not much more than what you would do for your own puppy, if you had purchased one outright.  If you feel you can meet the requirements, please complete the form below.  


There are NO Guardian Home Puppies available at this time 

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