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Bordoodles, also called Borderdoodles, are the hybrid cross between a Border Collie and Poodle,  the two most intelligent dog breeds. Their tender hearts, extreme intelligence and forgiving nature make them easy to train and popular as assistance dogs.  

Bordoodles are smart, loyal, affectionate and tolerant, making them perfect for families and personal companions.  They love to play games, excel at sport and agility, go to the beach and join the family for hikes.  Our Bordoodle puppies are F1b, meaning the dam is a first generation Bordoodle, who is bred to a purebred Poodle.  This means we can achieve a fleece or wool coat, with minimal shedding. 


Our Bordoodle mum Cocoa Bear, is beautiful hazel eyed, gentle and calm dog with an affectionate personality.  She is clever and loves a good run, but also enjoys being part of the family and snoozing on the lounge.  We raise our puppies in a family friendly environment using ENS, ESI and the Puppy Culture program.  Bordoodle puppies are held in different positions daily from day 3-16, with the ears and paws being specifically touched to help desensitize them and stimulate brain function.  We introduce one new scent between days 3-16 (please see here for more information). Classical music is played in the puppy room during the day, once their ears have 'opened' and they are able to hear.  Our puppies are introduced to enrichment items, puzzles and problem solving situations at appropriate ages, to help produce a well rounded adult, who is confident and open to new people and places.  We We believe using the Puppy Culture program gives your newest family member the best start in life! 

We produce F1b mini Bordoodles in chocolate, apricot, cream and black.  We are striving for an intelligent, even tempered, medium sized companion dog with a non shedding coat.


45-55cm high (depending on the size of the parents)


15-25kg (depending on the size of the parents)

Life Expectancy:

Between 12-15 years 

Best Suited for:

Families with children, singles and seniors, houses with yards  


Loving, intelligent, friendly, playful, social 



Our F1b Bordoodles have a non shedding fleece or wool coat and should be regularly brushed and professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks, in the clip of your choice.  Their coats can be left long in a teddy bear coat, or can be clipped short to keep them cool in the summer months. 


Bordoodles require a moderate amount of excise, and will benefit from a daily walk or structured outdoor playtime.  They enjoy being part of family activities, such as hiking and swimming at the beach.  They are content on being alone indoors, as long as you provide them with toys and do not seem to suffer from separation anxiety.  They do well with other dogs and animals.  


Our Bordoodles come in a range of colours, including chocolate, cream, red and black.

Bordoodle Puppies All Grown Up! 
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