April 2021


F1b Bordoodle Puppies 

Dam:  Cocoa - Silver Beige F1 Bordoodle: DNA Clear  

Sire: Barkley Red Beard - Red Miniature  Poodle: DNA Clear 

Please note these puppies will be ready for their new homes April 24th, when they turn 8 weeks old.  These puppies have been raised with ESI, ENS and Puppy Culture programs, have been wormed biweekly and will come vet checked, microchipped and with their first C3 vaccination.  They have been introduced to crate training and toileting training and are happily using our doggy door to toilet outside.  They will come with their snuggle blanket and cuddle toy - both of which have the litters scent on them.  They'll also come with a 2kg bag of Advance dry food, puppy collar & lead, chew treat and all their paperwork.  Parents have been fully DNA tested and these pups are DNA CLEAR. Interstate inquires are welcome now that puppy flights have opened back up! 



Millet- $5000 gst included 


Male F1b Mini Bordoodle  

Colour: Dark apricot with black points.    

Est. Adult Weight: 15-20kgs

DNA:  Clear through parentage 

Temperament: Millet is the largest puppy of the litter and has a big personality to go with it.  He loves to make himself heard in all situations!  He is the darkest apricot and has an adorable teddy bear face.  Millet is playful, happy and very people oriented.  He's very clever, loves to play games, explore new areas as well as being in your lap and having a cuddle.   

Millet is outgoing and very people oriented, leading him more towards the poodle rather than the collie in temperament.  He is one of the more vocal puppies and prefers to spend time with others, rather than on his own.  He would best suit an active/semi-active family, couple or single person.  He would do very well in a home with another dog to keep him company.    

Wheat- $5000 gst included 


Male F1b Mini Bordoodle  

Colour: Light apricot abstract with liver points.  

Est. Adult Weight: 12-14kgs

DNA:  Clear through parentage 

Temperament: Friendly and sweet, Wheat loves to spend time with people and other dogs.  He is gentle and a little less outgoing than some of his other brothers.  Wheat is interested in new toys and experiences, although he may show some caution at first before running head long into a new situation.  He is intelligent, playful and very snuggly.  He does well with children and other dogs and enjoys being part of the family.  

Wheat is sweet and friendly.  He is smaller in size and would do well in a home with children (young or old),  semi active couple or a retired couple.  

Rye- $5000 gst included 


Male F1b Mini Bordoodle  

Colour: Black with black points.     

Est. Adult Weight: 14-18kgs

DNA:  Clear through parentage 

Temperament: Second largest of the litter, Rye has a stunning black, curly coat and sweet teddy bear face.  He's a bit quieter and less boisterous than some of his brothers but he loves people and children, as well as other dogs.  He's curious with new toys and likes exploring new items, such as the balance board and balance beams.


Rye may be large, but he's a bit of a cuddly teddy bear!  He would do well in either a family home, with a single person (young or old) or with a couple (young or old).  At this stage he's slightly more independent than some of the other pups and not as vocal when left on his own.  His quieter nature leads us to believe his temperament leans more towards the collie.  He is very intelligent and has been able to over come challenges we have set for the litter. 

Maize- $5000 gst included 


Male F1b Mini Bordoodle  

Colour: Chocolate with liver points.      

Est. Adult Weight: 12-15kgs

DNA:  Clear through parentage 

Temperament: Maize is the most snuggly pup of the litter. He loves gentle cuddles and is our childrens favourite.  His go to position is cuddling into your neck for a snooze.   Maize is happy and friendly, he loves people as well as other dogs.  He enjoys exploring new areas and toys.  

Maize is one of the smallest of the litter, slightly calmer then some of his siblings and would be suitable for most homes. His smaller size and gently nature means he would do well in a home with children (who have been taught to be gentle when handing small puppies), with a couple, or single person.