My name is Abigail and along with my husband Ben and our two beautiful children, we make up the team at Adelaide Cavoodles. We are located in the Adelaide Plains region of South Australia, about 45 minutes from Adelaide City Centre. We are registered breeders with the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA (DACO113266) and adhere to all requirements. 


Our aim is to provide families with healthy, good natured companions that are well adapted to a family lifestyle. We are passionate about raising happy, well socialised puppies in a child friendly environment. 

We predominantly breed F1 and F1b Cavoodles, to achieve a teddy bear looking puppy with a low to non-shedding coat.  We specialise in red and apricot abstracts, but occasionally will schedule a litter of black, sables and brindles.  


On occasion we will have Bordoodle and Spoodle puppies available. 



We raise our litters using Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) program between day 3-16, when puppies are in their early development stage. These exercises were originally developed by the US military and are used to "wake up" the neurological system of the puppy.  Puppies toes are gently stimulated, they are held in different positions and are put on a cold cloth for 3-5 seconds.  These short exercises lead to immediate and life physiological results including:  

1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

2. Stronger heart beats

3. Stronger adrenal glands

4. More tolerance to stress

5. Greater resistance to disease

In addition, long-term studies show that dogs who were raised with ENS show greater performance in problem-solving, exploratory skills, learning and performance potential.  This results in a calmer, more trainable and better temperament dog. 

Early Scent Introduction

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) is a training program used on puppies to help them identify and react to specific scents.  Our puppies are exposed to range of different smells between days 3 - 16.  During this stage the puppies can neither see nor hear.  They can not regulate their body temperature or eliminate on their own. However, at this age they do have their sense of smell which we are able to take advantage of to improve their adult scenting ability. 

Over 13 days we introduce each puppy to a new scent.  Scents include grass, chicken feathers, orange peel, spices, leather, essential oils, wood, garlic, sheep wool, etc.  The puppy will have either a positive reaction, negative reaction or be neutral to the new smell.  

ESI has contributed to dogs successes in search and rescue, service, obedience training, tracking and more.  Pet dogs benefit from this stimulation, improving their confidence and stability.  Dogs that are taught and engage in scenting have a more optimistic attitude towards life and withthat, fewer behaviour problems.



We raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture method.  This program explores in detail the critical early periods of development that each puppy goes through as well as what we can do as the breeder, to increase the odds of raising a happy, socially successful, and trainable dog.  Puppies' brains are like sponges, that absorb and process information much faster than an older dog at this young age.  They reach different milestones almost weekly, for the first few months of their lives.  Each week we take actions and steps to help puppies reach their full potential.  Puppies have very little fear during their first few weeks, making them very curious to new experiences.  We introduce various objects, noises and experiences that they may encounter during their lifetime, in a positive way to teach them to approach new things with curiosity rather than fear.  We introduce enrichment items at the appropriate time, as well as work with each puppy on startle and recovery reflex.  Our puppies are well socialised with humans of all ages, as well as other dogs.  We also begin our puppies on crate and toilet training before they leave for their new homes.  


We always encourage our new owners to bring their puppy to Puppy School, to help continue with their socialisation and training.   Most vets offer puppy preschool classes, where puppies can mix with other puppy breeds in a safe, clean environment.  

Because we are a private family home with children and not a kennel, we do not hold open days.  Families purchasing a puppy will be invited to come meet us on collection day. 


Please note, we do not have a wait list or contact people once a litter is born

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